Pierre Faure Private School Puerto Vallarta UNO System is part of Gruop Santillana which is integrated by a group of companies that develop their activity in the educational area.
For Grupo Santillana, the Teaching Systems are an innovative way of relating to school institutions and face with them the educational challenges of the 21st century.

After years of research and consistent experiences in Ibero-America, we have designed an educational proposal that accounts for the profound changes in the world in which children live. Today, Sistema Uno provides everything necessary to comply with the parameters established by UNESCO and achieve the highest levels of educational quality set by international indicators such as PISA.

Our model has two programs at its center: SE (Educational System for Competencies) and BE (Bicultural English Program). Competency learning is integrated with the development of knowledge areas in the mother tongue; BE guarantees the use of English as a lingua franca within the school so that its students grow up in a bilingual environment.

In addition, as permanent and transversal processes of its own, the system manages the digitalization of the school, the ongoing formation of every educational community and the constant evolution of its actions. All this mounted on a robust theoretical basis that permeates the model with the values of today and whose ultimate goal is to educate children to be full, competitive and happy citizens.

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