Spiritual Formation

The human being is a very complex entity that has a body animated by a spirit. But it is a unique being; we can not break it and separately handle each of its parts independently as if they were not intimately linked. Therefore, to speak of spiritual formation, detaching it from the human form in general, is a grave error.

The building of spiritual formation arises on the basis of a solid formation of the other human aspects. That is why before the spiritual formation, it is necessary to form the will, the conscience, the intelligence and the affectivity. It is utopian to pretend a serious life of prayer without the foundation of a rightly formed conscience or a strong will. An intimate life with Christ is not achieved if the heart has not previously been shaped by the path of a healthy and mature affectivity. The mysteries of Sacred Scripture cannot be adequately penetrated without the support of a sharp, insightful, subtle intelligence. Logically, in all this is the Spirit who is guiding the soul and the one who is pouring out his gifts and graces to sanctify them, but it is necessary to have a complete humanity that is the foundation on which the spiritual building can rise safely.

colegios puerto vallarta formacion-espiritual-puerto-vallarta Spiritual Formation


We are spiritual beings, that is to say, eternal. The spirit never dies. “The spirit is what gives life, the flesh does not profit at all”

We are made in the image and likeness of God: That is, a divinized spirit. This similarity is filial: We are his children. We are temples of the same God: “the Kingdom of God is within you” “God dwells in our hearts”

All this gives a lot to think about. If all this is true, it would be interesting to value how much attention, time and care we give to our spiritual life, that is, to our eternal life. What a great responsibility, as parents to properly guide our children facing that eternity, to ensure that this child reaches its ultimate goal having fulfilled what allows him to reach the goal for which he was created.

Having given more or less comfort, means of intellectual training, possibilities of quality sports development, means of entertainment and rest is relatively important, but having neglected the life of the spirit, keeping the soul of our children anemic, even though their bodies are healthy and plump is a terrible risk and a charge of conscience that if we had the ability to understand the seriousness of it, none of us would like to have.

The first step, therefore, is to understand what is involved and to give this point the importance it requires.

colegios puerto vallarta formacion-espiritual-puerto-vallarta Spiritual Formation


Just as the life of the body needs sustenance and food to survive and develop satisfactorily and must be cared for in times of lack of health, so the life of the spiritual needs that food and attention. Not giving them in the proper proportion and with the appropriate frequency causes serious damage to the soul: lukewarmness, mediocrity, superficiality, indifference, contempt for the spiritual, hardening of the heart and deformation of the conscience. It is urgent and urgent the need to give a solid, firm and secure spiritual formation to our children that will provide them with the necessary tools to be able, to begin with, determination in the way of good, of the search for the truth, of love for God and neighbor.


a) Sense and awareness of the sacred.
Teach our children to discover the presence of God in our midst. Teach the attitude that should be adopted before God present: adoration, humility, gratitude, recollection, etc.

b) Life of prayer.
Understood as an intimate dialogue with God. Teach the true meaning of vocal prayer. Teach to meditate. Learn to resort naturally to God Our Lord with an attitude of gratitude for his gifts, especially for his infinite love. Teach to ask what is convenient. Family prayer: food blessing, Sto. Rosario, devotion to the Sgdo. Heart, invoke the Holy Spirit, an offering of the day, examination of conscience, etc.

c) Sacramental and liturgical life.
To teach the meaning of the sacraments as signs of grace, as actions of God, not as mere rites or symbols, but as the real presence of Christ who acts in the soul of the one who receives them, enlightening them,


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