We intend that our students be responsible and autonomous individuals committed to their family and community, so we establish channels of close communication between school and family to form happy children, questioners, and tools to learn and learn.
Student training:

Oral expression ability, Reading comprehension, Written expression ability, Reading habits, Information search, Mathematical reasoning, Knowledge of history, Knowledge of geography, Personal values, Social coexistence, Free Expression, Group integration, Free Play, Music Education, Physical Education, Education in faith, English, Computing, Visual arts, Laboratory, Library, Visits and excursions

We enhance the abilities of each student to form individuals with a critical conscience, able to be realized as human beings, responsible and creative taking into account each one as a person individual and at the same time social, unique and unrepeatable with their own rhythm of work.
Our school is a place of learning for life, which accompanies the child both in the curricular activity and in the training.

In the grade preschool of the personalized school Pierre Faure offers a comprehensive education where academic training is balanced, with the development of the individual, it is the students who must discover and build their own knowledge .
A methodology that develops thinking and judgment skills, in addition to fostering in children the ability to express their opinions and ideas through the planning of activities and experiences for the learning process.


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