Pierre Faure Method

Background of the Personalized Education Method Pierre Faure .

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The method of personalized education proposed by Pierre Faure was largely based on an integral vision of the human being, and the need to educate his brain or “learn to learn”.
Through various talks and writings, Faure demonstrated the rupturistic and original character of his new method.

1 -Three principles of personalized education (EP) according to Pierre Faure.

Pierre Faure based his method of personalized education on a special vision of the person and his essential features. Among the features that characterize the way of being of the human being, Pierre Faure highlighted three that make up the essential principles that a pedagogy should consider.

A. Principle of Singularity

This principle recognizes the individuality of each human being and the respect that the particularities and rhythms of each person deserve. This respect must be translated into a pedagogy that is adaptable to each student and that fosters creativity and initiatives of each one since creativity is for Pierre Faure the result of the personalization of what has been learned.

B. Principle of Autonomy

Personalized education considers that the human being is not only free but also must be aware of this freedom and that this implies that he has the capacity and need to commit to what he chooses.

In pedagogy, this will mean that the student will be educated in their ability to make choices and act according to a personal choice and not according to a blind obligation.

Likewise, the importance that Pierre Faure gives to autonomy implies that it is necessary for the child to clearly understand the purpose pursued by each activity and to have an active role in the planning of their own education.

Balance between authority and discipline.

C. Opening Principle

Pierre Faure considered that the school should educate the social or communicative dimension of each student. To achieve this, it was necessary to create a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere where each child felt invited to participate and to express himself spontaneously.

2. Didactics or lines of action according to the Personalized Education of Pierre Faure.

A spirit incarnated

1. Organization of time and space


The Personal Work
The Normalization.
The Taking of Consciousness

Space .

Simple and well-distributed furniture.
Ordered environment.
Work areas.
Stimulating material
Save in boxes and bags of gender.
Symbols in the classroom.
Decoration with pedagogical sense.

2. Attitude of the Professor.


3. Knowledge of the Child.

Working tools.

1. Programming
2. Work plans
3. Working guidelines
4. Library
5. Material manipulative and synthesis
6. Means of control
7. Means of expression
8. Sensory education instruments


The spirit of Pierre Faure, inspired by Emmanuel Mounier, personalist philosopher, Maria Montessori, Luvienska de Lenval, among others, seeks that the student is himself, a free, creative person, under the diligent intelligent guidance of the teacher and interaction with the the rest.

It gives priority to the training of each specific person, respects the rhythm of learning of each child, stimulating it to overcome it. The student is the protagonist of his educational process, helped by the accompaniment (teachers, psychologist, priest, parents) and the continuous evaluation. Working in teams, he learns to share (cooperative learning), to coordinate and to obey.


1. The person has a vocation to overcome.
2. The person has a responsible and free response capacity.
3. The person has the capacity to interrogate the BEING, the world and itself.
4 The person has the capacity to create something original, with their own initiative.
5. The person is open to others. It communicates and participates.
6. The person is a being in action.


1. Respect the child in his legitimate choices, encouraged to act for himself, approved in his acts and relationships, recognized as valuable, as able to be, to be with others and to be accepted


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