We offer a comprehensive education, stimulating learning, thinking and the development of creativity in the youngest.
First level education, in addition to a functional infrastructure to provide quality teaching and various tools to promote the personal development of the student, such as:

Activities, Materials, Integration to groups, Knowledge of space-time, Introduction to English and computer science, Free Play, Physical Education , Free Expression, Education in Values, Musical and Body Education, Initiation in faith

Our active and participative methodology fosters development, achieving a true integral education, in which the student becomes the builder of his own learning.
We work so that children achieve the formation and acquisition of Christian habits, attitudes and values, to achieve a personal harmony that allows to start the little ones in the way of living and learning to learn.

In the grade maternal of the personalized school Pierre Faure, we understand that the first 5 years of life are the basis for a solid development of the personality of beings that must become independent , creative and self-confident, for what it is our job, to encourage significant learning for the development of skills, skills and attitudes.


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