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High School

High Schools Puerto Vallarta

Pierre Faure is the best choice as Puerto Vallarta High Schools and one of the private schools that has the consolidation of universal values such as respect for their peers and human rights, come to be the Search of the truth by the student, at this stage needs to be provided the best opportunities for the organization of knowledge and values based on research and socialization as the student’s base work.

An environment rich in stimuli and organized information, guided by the Methodology of Personalized Education and Community, adapts the classroom with spaces for research and group dynamics, where the teacher is situated as a guide, inspirer, companion, animator; through the different didactic materials and activities designed for this purpose.

At the Pierre Faure Institute, it is one of the High Schools in Puerto Vallarta where we teach a modern education that promotes the development of your creative imagination, your autonomy, critical thinking, independence, responsibility and self-esteem


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