Best private schools Pierre Faure, It is a complete and well structured educational project, ordered to achieve an authentic education and quality. It is a project that contains all the necessary and sufficient elements to be considered good in all its approaches.

Intellectual + Technological + Moral + Religious

The method of personalized education proposed by Pierre Faure is based on an integral vision of the human being, and on the need to educate his brain or to “learn to learn “.

Intellectual: through the acquisition, not of simple superficial and repetitive knowledge, but of authentic and well-structured “knowledge”, and through the development of different personal cognitive abilities.
Technological: through the acquisition of “know-how”, that is, the technical capabilities and procedures necessary to effectively and perfectly perform a variety of useful tasks.
Moral: through the acquisition of “know-how”, that is, of appreciating and making one’s own the values ​that, by generating attitudes that dispose to certain behaviors, configure the way of being and acting of a person considered as ideal in today’s society.
Religious: by acquiring the sense of God and the ultimate personal reference to everything transcendent.

We believe that an education will be true if it attends to each of the facets of the human person, with respect to their particularities, enhancing their abilities and completing their deficiencies.

The Pierre Faure Institute is undoubtedly aware that, by perfecting its own educational system, it can provide a great service to society, facilitating their knowledge and thus promoting the dissemination of the new school model.


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